• Image of The Hannah

The Hannah is a short and simple basic made from the most amazing color and finish options I can find...

Loaded with classic style and perfect for every-day wear or dressing-up.

Tiny Size 15 beads


Approx measurements:
length from ear wire 2.75-3"
width 1"

Gold filled ear wires
*can be swapped for sterling, silver plated, or copper. request at checkout.

This is a made to order item...

Custom request your color or contact me with questions...

Some available and popular shades:

Semi Matte Antique Pink

Matte Cream (ivory)
Matte Slate (charcoal)
Matte Mustard
Matte Sunset/Burnt Orange
Matte Sienna
Matte Sea Foam
Matte Deep Olive

Gloss Dirty Olive
Gloss Oxblood
Gloss Desert Taupe
Gloss Mermaid Jade

Luster Shimmer Butter Yellow

Metallic Bronze
Metallic "Rose Gold"
Galvanized Yellow

and more...

See other "Hannah" color-ways on Instagram @thehandmadewarrior