• Image of Custom Order Wildwood Floral Earrings

HMW Floral Impression Series. Each design is one of a kind and created in the moment-completely free-form without diagram. Sewn entirely by hand.

Pieces in this series are based on my fondness for florals. The designs and method created by me.
Inspiration comes from live flora in addition to printed fabric, wallpaper, and vintage illustrations.

This set infused with whimsy and enchanted wildwood forests...
"I will twine, I will mingle my raven black hair
With the roses so red and the lilies so fair
And the myrtle so bright with it's emerald hue
The pale emanita and the hyssop so blue..."
"Wildwood Flower"- The Carter Family

Approx measurements:
from ear wire to longest point 4.25"
width 1.75"

**This listing is for a Custom set of Wildwood floral earrings. Colors to be customized. Design will be created in likeness to the original design, but not identical.

Size 11 beads
Medium to Heavy weight dependent upon ear sensitivity

Ear wires: copper, sterling, gold filled, or silver plated. request at checkout.

This original colorway is currently SOLD OUT. I will customize something specific for you.
Matte Shell Pink (base)
Matte Sienna
Matte Sunset Orange
Matte Mustard
Matte Purple
Gloss Avocado Green
Gloss Jade Mint
Gloss Jade
Gloss Marbled Sky Blue