Tiny beads sewn by hand.  

Trish.  Self-taught "beadstress" with an affinity for color.  Stitching my way with a keen attention to detail, practiced tension, and intuitive vision.  

All forms, designs, and color combinations have been created by me free-form without diagrams.

My current beloved is the "bizu-braid" created 2018.  Desirable plaited fringe.  Comforting twists of beads so very easy to wear.

Annnnd still loving my "floral impression" series created in early 2016.  These pieces are based on a fondness for florals.  Inspiration comes from live flora in addition to printed fabric, wallpaper, and vintage illustrations.  I'd love to create a theme and color-way especially for you!

  • Ready-made items are listed for purchase.
  • Currently taking custom orders.  
Abstract pieces will not be duplicated.  A custom piece can be created in likeness to the original.

Most Monochrome and Color-blocked designs can be re-made.

Contact me for additional questions, photos, or custom order requests.