hand/made: made by hand or a hand process

war/ri/or: one who is engaged aggressively or energetically in an activity, cause, or conflict.

Tools:  glass beads, a needle, bead thread, and my own two hands

All designs are a personal discovery, and I do not follow patterns of others.  Pieces are sewn by hand; each reveals a bit of my discovery, process, and story.  I respectfully ask that my work not be used as a pattern/template. Thank you!

While most sets are a matching pair, I've always marveled at how mates carry their own spirit. Maybe the yin to the other's yang. The match is always created in the image of the first, yet has no other way but through its own set of circumstances: the bead, the thread, the wavering or steadiness of hand... 

Beaded pieces, especially wide or large, can show flexion in areas. You may notice a natural movement/fold while wearing.  This can easily be corrected with a gentle reposition every now and again. I personally enjoy seeing and feeling only bead, and so allow this organic response. I do not control my pieces with added material like leather or wire.  Please, understand and consider this fact before making them yours.

Beads and their COLOR: I do my best to accurately depict and describe color. ***PLEASE BE AWARE some beads are SEMI/NON PERMANENT COLOR. Over time color may fade. This can add character to the work, but may be a disappointment to some. I have made every effort to indicate when semi-permanent colors are used, however, this information is not always known. 

  • Ready-made items are listed for purchase.
  • Currently taking custom orders. 
Abstract pieces will not be duplicated.  A custom piece can be created in likeness to the original.

Most Monochrome and Color-blocked designs can be re-made.

Contact me for additional questions, photos, or custom order requests.