I use quality glass beads Japanese or Czech, bead thread, and a variety of ear wires. 

Stress and tension may cause thread and beads to break or hang uneven. Avoid pulling to adjust the fringe. Instead, gently smooth/massage between fingers to straighten. 

STORAGE is crucial for best condition!

I recommend storing earrings hanging or flat.  This can prevent the beads/thread from kinking.  Travel with the same idea.  

Avoid storing in direct sunlight to deter fading.

Keep away from water and high steam environments.

Refrain from carelessly tossing into purses or bags. 

Treat as fine jewelry requiring TLC!

COLOR: I do my best to accurately depict and describe color.  ***PLEASE BE AWARE some beads are SEMI/NON PERMANENT COLOR. Over time color may fade. This can add character to the work, but may be a disappointment to some. I have made every effort to indicate when semi-permanent colors are used, however, this information is not always known.  Thank you for your understanding.